We finally meet again little sis, thanks for the visit!


It all happened in Portugal; I was waiting to see  you at the hospital and wondering about your condition, when you finally arrived…I noticed that you were a bit fuller than I can remember you ever being, your buns giggled slightly as you walked across the room! It must have been the onset of menopause making itself noticeable!

I was ecstatic to see you doing so well; you looked very much the way you do in this picture, but your face was a bit rounder and had small reddish blemishes all over…I asked what happened, and you explained to me that it was because of the beans (at that moment I visualized the small bowl of cooked beans that I put aside yesterday for B to use) you´d eaten…it seems that some sort of enzymatic phenomenon, that I don´t recall anymore, had occurred because of your damaged liver.

At the same time I worried if this was the boost of vitality that some people get just before they´re about to pass, but I was hopeful that you were going to make it little sister…I got ready to go home and make you an amazing all natural liver cleansing juice!

Next I was putting some little shelf with small items in the bus, under someone´s seat and would walk home with what looked like a lightweight dresser; I had from 1PM till 5PM to do everything and go back home on the 5 o´clock bus or pick up my stuff, am not really sure!

On my way home I was trying to figure out which curative foods to put in your juice, “red beets, nettle, lemon, tomatoes, collard greens, etc….I´ll ask Luis to Google search for more when I get home” I thought to myself…I was so excited that you were in Portugal and that with all the natural, totally organic stuff we have there you were certainly going to get better! In my waking moments I also think that with all the curative, totally natural  plants we have everywhere & other needed interventions, and very small doses of pain medication (instead of the full doses you were given at the hospital) we may have been able to help you dear sister…

I can´t remember much more, then I woke up and realized that you were no longer with us on earth, which saddened me, but having seen you in my dream was definitely a FANTASTIC thing! Keep on coming back to us, we love spending some time with you!