mels_angelSonhei outra vez contigo querida irmã, vítima das circunstâncias a quem a vida foi roubada. Primeiro estavas sentada na cama de tronco nu. Tinhas uma boob maior do que a outra. A maior, que seria a doente, estava a fazer beicinho como tu fazias muitas vezes a brincar. Depois, noutro cenário, estavamos a falar contigo no Skype. Aí, tive a percepção de que tinhas vencido esse monstro. Estavas tão contente, ainda vivias em família. Também vi o teu marido e o teu filho. Mas quando acordei, voltei para a triste realidade. Todos os dias sinto com a mesma intensidade a tristeza de te ter sido roubado o direito de envelhecer nessa tua linda casinha ao lado do teu querido filho.

A presence sat on my bed right next to me and patted me gently on the shoulder to comfort me. It was a wonderful experience.
I had been crying before falling asleep because of how much we miss you.
It felt too real and I had the feeling it was our mother. But when I woke up I realized that she wouldn’t have been able to sit with the same ease.
Was it you dear sister?
We miss you terribly.

Lurdes Melo – May 25 2015

I need to talk to you, dear sister in heaven ….


Thank you Filipe, for your very useful instruction video.

We all miss Anabela so much.

The shock of her cruel fate will always remain vivid in my heart.

Tu Pertencias Estar Aqui

LurdesPoemA tua partida será sempre uma ferida nos nossos corações.

Tu pertencias estar aqui …


Missing You


I see this picture as your goodbye to all those who loved you; this was your favourite walking spot with your best friend Bear by your side…how sad it was for me to see you walk this path so feebly in February & March 2015…
Just 1 month previously you had tackled this path like a master, feeling vigorous & healthy; that horrible diagnosis really sucked the life out of you…
Every spot on this planet brings sad thoughts of you my dear sister…please visit me in my dreams! Hugs, Pear



Para ti, minha menina

stories-meninaGostavas tanto de receber um raminho de flores.

Hoje comprei este para ti, querida filha.

Sinto tanto a tua falta. Viver sem ti é viver sem alegria, sem NADA.

A saudade é insuportável.

Da tua mãe que te ama.

Our car…

Dear little sister,

Thanks for helping me place that heavy vase on top of the roof; I really thought I wouldn´t be able to do it, but with your divine intervention it happened! I am taking really good care of the Anabelas & Amandas…

Today was a special day for me, I finally took the car that we were supposed to share, for its first real drive in my hands…Bunny was the lead driver and it took us double her usual time to complete the drive from Arneiro to my house! We left at 6:45 AM to avoid traffic so I wouldn´t get nervous…I couldn´t believe that I actually hit 50kms/hr!

I´m sure that you sat beside me to ensure that I wouldn´t make any serious mistakes…it was probably you who turned off the front lights a couple of times just to test my attention capacity! I never noticed it; Bunny had to shout from her car for me to turn them back on!

Our lives have been so broken by your premature departure; the only solace we have is to believe that you will never suffer again…you are ALWAYS in our hearts little sister & we are keeping in touch with your FLOWER, Liam! Hugs

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2 Comments on “Stories

  1. Dear little sister, I miss you terribly, please visit me in my dreams…so far I´ve seen you 3 times and you were doing well, but it´s been a long time now.
    Seeing pictures of you makes me feel blue, so I´m on avoidance mode; please forgive me! I eagerly await the day when all those amazing pics will bring joy into my heart & soul…talk to you later!

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