Esperanca Melo (Mother)

Date Entered – (Mar 24, 2015)


Ai Que Saudade Que Eu Tenho Da Minha Menina Linda

Eu vou ficar à tua Espera do dia da tua vinda

Eu amo-te
A tua mae, minha querida filha

Hope Melo (Sister)

Date Entered – (Mar 24, 2015)

Dear sister Anabela, I remember the week Mary & I spent on our own while you broke through the maternal cocoon & adapted to daylight…we finally had a real life doll to play with! As a child you lived on canned pea soup, French fries and steak, which greatly contrasts with your adult nutritional options.


You soon became a teenager and developed your fitness passion; doing squats with mom on your back was a common occurrence in those days. At my place you’d devour my tray of carrot cake & leave coffee mugs all over the house…

Suddenly you were off to join the army and our encounters became less frequent; one day you showed up in Montreal looking like a boiled lobster after a lengthy bicycle expedition from some distant location…you were grateful to the first nation’s women from Kahnawake who treated your sunburnt legs, and truly appreciated my soothing flamazine applications.

Later you got married, got a black dog named Bear and became the world’s toughest “mamma bear”; you created a masterpiece!

Over the years you’ve flown east & west, always looked your very best…family unity was always your major quest!

You had so many plans my dear sister, were so happy in your little nest, but destiny betrayed you and now we are left only with the memory of YOU; the helpful daughter, the energetic, fit sister, the friendly aunt, and above all, an AMAZING MOTHER!

Lurdes Melo (Sister)

Date Entered – (Mar 24, 2015)

This Is Not Happening.

Will We Ever Wake Up From This Nightmare Where Your Life Was Brutally Stolen From You?

We Want To Wake Up And Hug You.