Mel HannaBorn in 1968 in Mtl, Anabela (Mel) was the fourth, but first Canadian-born child of the Melo family: she was raised & educated in Montreal.

As a teenager she became very passionate about fitness & was often seen squatting with her mom on her back. At around the age of 18 she joined the cadets and later opted to pursue a career with the Canadian Military. After being posted all over Canada she decided to become a Military Police.

In April 1995 she married Karl Hanna, got her first dog Bear (the black one) & in 1996 gave birth to Liam, her greatest achievement! Motherhood was such an amazing experience that Anabela decided to be a stay at home mom for a while; an extremely devoted mother she was indeed!

She held several government positions for a few years and finally resumed her teenage fitness passion by becoming a personal trainer!

Anabela’s vitality and passion for life touched the hearts of all those who were fortunate enough to have met her. Always on the go, she made time to receive and visit family; for she believed that family unity is the essence of life! Bear is another of her great loves.

Sadly, all of her life’s plans were brutally interrupted in January 2015 by an aggressive form of breast cancer.